How conference apps improve networking.

Networking is a big part of attending a conference, however, for large conferences it can be hard to meet the people that you want to talk to. Conference apps can help to solve this. Conference apps provide quick and simple ways for delegates to network whilst at the event.

Conference apps can include many features that can considerably enhance the delegates networking experience for instance, integrated chat functions, which allow delegates to log in and talk to other delegates in a chat room environment. This chat functionality can also be used by conference organisers to ask questions and start discussions between delegates.

Conference apps can also include functionality that will allow delegates to swap business cards via the app – reducing the need to carry around boxes of business cards. Delegates can also use conference apps to connect to other delegates and sponsors via LinkedIn.

Social media can play an integral part in conferences and events. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are regularly used by conference organisers. They can be used before the event to help to encourage delegates to register. They are also used during the event to keep delegates and sponsors up-to-date with the latest conference news. All of these social media site can be integrated into a conference app. This means that delegates do not need to access 3 or 4 different apps to find out information as they can see the information from these sites on the conference app.

A conference app can enhance delegates experience at a conference or event by providing a number of networking solutions – that will allow the delegate to connect and network with more people than may have been previously possible, in a simple, easy and un-intrusive way. Conferences that add a service like this for their delegates will appear to be offering their delegates a higher standard of service as well as a professionally organized and technologically up to date conference.