Conference apps provide a valuable new sponsorship and revenue opportunity for conference organisers.

Conference apps are rapidly becoming an obligatory requirement for professionally organised conferences. They provide a host of benefits which help to lower costs and boost the event profile. Conference apps also provide a new commercial sponsorship opportunity for organisers.

Lanyards, conference bags, sponsored lunches or dinners, stewards’ uniform sponsorship, receptions and the Internet café are just a few of the sponsorship opportunities you get at a conference but none of these offer the impact of a conference app or the enduring nature of it.

A well-designed conference app offers high profile advertising space, which is almost unmatched in terms of visibility at a conference. Unlike other sponsorship opportunities delegates can use a conference app before, during and after a conference. This means that adverts can have a longer lasting effect as delegates can potentially see sponsorship adverts hundreds of times.

An advert on an app has a much higher impact than a pen or a bag that tend to get thrown in the bin or left at the venue. A well-designed conference app won’t have banner adverts that distract and annoy users. Adverts are integrated in the app, and work with the design of the app.